Treat someone (or yourself!) to this lovely gift to remind them to chill and get some restful sleep.


The gift box comes with:

🛁 Sleepy Head bath ball - A blend of soothing essential oils to aid a restful night's sleep. Lavender can help to induce sleep, chamomile can help to cool the body and create a feeling of calm, whilst clary sage can induce a relaxing and sedative effect on both the body and the mind which can lead to lower levels of stress and anxiety.... gorgeous! 😴

😎 Spacemasks self heating eye mask. Check out the post on my Instagram feed for more info on these! But oh my, they are amazing!

💪🏼 Mallows Beauty - I Am Strong pineapple and mango enzyme peel mask

These products are fabulous to aid a night of restful sleep, just perfect!


The gift box supplied will be either white/natural kraft with shredded paper padding.

Sleepy Head gift box