These fabulous Ice Globe facial massagers from Mallows Beauty are designed to help calm and depuff skin whilst stimulating blood circulation.

Roll and massage gently over your face to help with sore acne, redness and headaches, to help skin appear refreshed, brighter and glowing.

1. Pop in the fridge (DO NOT FREEZE!) for approx 15-30 minutes.

2. Glide over your face and use a rolling motion.

3. Start at the centre of your face and work outwards and upwards.

4. Sweep under your eyes, rest on your eye sockets.

5. Roll over your forehead, rest on your temples.

6. Roll across your cheeks, under your cheekbones and under your jawline.

…Aaaaand relax 🧘🏽‍♀️

Ice Globe Facial Massagers